Our varieties of rice

The Zangirolami farm produces and sells directly in the farm the following varieties of rice:
Riso Del Delta Del Po IGP

Delta Del Po IGP Rice


Riso Superfino CARNAROLI

Riso Superfino “CARNAROLI”

firm rice and high cooking endurance make it ideal for risotto.

Riso CARNAROLI Semilavorato

Riso “CARNAROLI Semilavorato”

for tasty risotto with a higher fiber content.

Riso Superfino ARBORIO

Riso Superfino “ARBORIO”

suitable for soups, rice salads and risotto.

Riso Semifino VIALONE Nano

Riso Semifino “VIALONE Nano”

appropriate for every risotto recipe.

Riso Superfino BALDO

Riso Superfino “BALDO”

for risotto, soups and rice salads.



ideal for desserts, soups and soft, creamy risotto.



suitable for soups and rice salads. It’s a whole, brown rice and preserves more nutritional elements.

Rice types are readily available, or supplied upon request, in the following sizes:

  • 500 gr. vacuum;
  • 1 Kg. printed or painted canvas and jute;
  • 2 Kg. tela fantasia e juta;
  • 5 Kg. Cellophane and printed or painted canvas.

Rice flours: gluten-free flour and bran

The Zangirolami farm direclty produces and sells gluten-free flours, grinding rice with its stone mill:
Farina di Riso

Rice Flour

type 0 granulometry, suitable for bread, desserts and batter, certified gluten-free, it’s the best for desserts. Can be added to wheat flour to soften the dough and make it brittle. In combination with rice bran it makes the dough more solid.

Farina di Riso integrale

Whole Rice Flour

its high fiber content makes it ideal for bread, desserts and batter.

Semola di riso

Rice Bran

has an higher granulometry, appropriate for polenta (mush), pasta, bread and pizza, it’s also certified gluten-free and suitable for savory snacks like small pizzas, crakers and beignets. It’s suitable for a tasty, light and very easy to digest polenta. It can be used in combination with rice flour.

Semola di riso integrale

Whole Rice Bran

with high fiber content, is suitable for polenta, pasta, bread and pizza.

All flour types are available in the following sizes:

  • 25 Kg.
  • 5 Kg.
  • 1 Kg. (10 items for box);
  • 500 g. (20 items for box).

Rices and flours sell and dispatch, stylish canvas sacks and gift boxes for every need and every occasion

The Zangirolami farm retails rices, flours and derived products in stylish vacuum-sealed, cellophane or canves and jute sacks packages. All year long you can find holiday themed gift baskets and boxes for every occasion. Take a look at our retail point in Via Franceschini, 1/3 in Tresigallo (FE) or check out our online outlet.



items per box

Vacuum da 500 gr. (24 pz.)
Vacuum da 1 Kg. (12 pz.)
Cardboard vacuum-sealed da 1 Kg. (12 pz.)
Cellophane da 1 Kg. (12 pz.)
Cellophane da 5 Kg. (2 pz.)
Canvas bag da 1 Kg. (10 pz.)
Canvas bag da 2 Kg. (5 pz.)
Canvas bag da 5 Kg. (2 pz.)
Jute bag da 1 Kg. (10 pz.)
Jute bag da 2 Kg. (5 pz.)

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Fondo Europeo Agricolo per lo Sviluppo Rurale
Adesione al PSR Regione Emilia Romagna, operazione 4.1.01, investimenti in aziende agricole in approccio individuale, Bando 2016, Interventi al fine di favorire l'adozione di sistemi di produzione innovativi quali agricoltura di precisione e sistemi di supporto decisionali ed al fine di incentivare la qualità dei prodotti, sostegno euro 61.400,00.

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